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BukpiTimes Award 2014 | Criteria & Form
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Application Form muhtheihna mun te:
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Contact No: 985640084

Zogam Thupuak | 14 March 2014

zogam thupuak logoRahul in March 19 in Wangjing ah election campaign neiding

Mipite’n ‘Manipur thak’ lam-en photni -Francis De Souza:
Imphal, March-13: Goa Deputy Chief Minsiter Francis De Souza in tuni’n Manipur hongpha in Noney khua ah Outer Manipur Lok Sabha biala BJP candidate Prof Gangmumei Kamei adin vote campaign bawlin thugen a, centre a vaihawm kikhek ding ahihtak ziakin mipite’n ‘ Manipur thak’ lamen uhen chi hi. BJP senior leader banah Goa state Dy Chief Minister Francis De Souza makaihin in Tamenglong district sung Noney, Longmai III Common Ground ah tuni a mipi kikhopna thupitak om ah BJP adia campaign kawm in thugen hi. Hibangkalah March 19, 2014 in AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi in Manipur hongpha ding a, Thoubal district sunga Wangjing mun a mipi kikhopna ah Congress adia campaign bawlin thugen ding hi.

Francis De Souza in tuni’n mipi kikhopna a a gendan in Manipur mi adiakin student tamtak India gamsung mun tuamtuam ah ah kithehdalh uh a, aman tuni’n Manipur hong muh leh kiguih ahihdan gen hi. Manipur in tu-le-tu in kikawmtuahna lampi hoih poimawh mahmah a, phetlou in water supply, electricity, education leh health sectors ah taksap lianpi om ahihdan mu chian mahmah hi’n gen hi. Imphal’ Tulihal Airport apan Noney tan gari in a tai sungin lampi siatdan lungkhamhuai sa mahmah a, lamdang chih kanlouh gending hi’n gen a, centre govt bawldik nung chiangin state govt tanpha tungding thak poimawh sakthu gen hial hi. Manipur state et in Congress in kum 12 bang govt a letnung un kikhenna bangmah om tuanlou a, tudan a Manipur a paitouh zel leh bang tuak ding hiam chih gen ngamlou in mipite a hehpihhuai a sakthu gen hi.

Centre apan state khantouhna dingin sum le pai tamtak pailak ah mipite’n 15% lel hamphatpih kha ahihman in state mipite awlmawh huai mahmah chi’n Francis De Souza in gen hi. BJP in Outer Manipur a candidate dingin National Vice President of ST Morcha, BJP, Prof Gangmumei Kamei guang a, kuapeuhin centre leh state ah kikhenna omna dinga vote chiat dingin ngen hi. India mipi 78% velin kikhekna om ding deih ziakin BJP gum uh a, hun paisa ah BJP hihkhelh a om leleng mipite’n ngaihdamna bawm a khe dingin Souza in ngen a, huai kawm in BJP candidate peuhmah vote chiat dingin thum hi. Souza ahihleh Christian kulmut mahmah hi’n kigen hi.

Tuni’n Noney a public meeting om hunah, Manipur Pradesh BJP Chief Th Chaoba; Minister lui Danny Shaiza; Chairman of Intellectual Cell, BJP Manipur, Prof N joykumar Singh; Spokesperson of BJP A Sharada Devi; BJP Manipur Pradesh Vice President T. Hangkhanpao; BJP Manipur Pradesh General Secretary M Ashini Kumar; MLA-lui banah BJP State Committee Henry Paotei; General Secretary(Orgn) Premananda Sharma; State Secretary M Rameshwar Singh leh State Secretary Michael Dangmei e telin heutu hunkhop paikhawm uhi.

Hibangkalah MPCC President Gaikhangam in tuni’n News saite kimuhpih in AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi in March 19, 2014 in Manipur hongpha ding a, sunnung dak 1:00 in Thoubal District sunga Wangjing Kodompokpi Ground a mipi kikhopna ah Lok Sabha election a Congress candidate-te adin campaign bawl in thugen hi. March 19, 2014 leh Yaoshang festival hun kituakkha a, tuaziakin MPCC nuaia Congress Legislature Party te’n tuni in Chief Minister O Ibobi makaihin emergency meeting nei uhi. Member tamtakte’n Rahul in Yaoshang ma ahihkeileh a nungin Manipur hong phazaw leh chih ngaihdan nei ua, ahihziakin CM leh MPCC President Gaikhangam te’n bel Rahul program bawlsa hih danglam louh deihthu taklang kawm in Inner Manipur adingin Hapta Kangjeibung hi henla, Outer Manipur ading in Wangjing Kodompokpi Ground ah meeting om zawhen chih ngaihdan aneih nungun a kigawmin Wanging Kodompokpi Ground ah Inner leh Outer adinga public rally neihkhawm hoihpen ding chi’n thupuk uh chihthu kiza hi.

March 15, 2014 in Rahul in Wangjing a campaign a neihna ding tawh kisai in meeting poimawhtak omlai ding hi. Rahul in Manipur a vote campaign a neih ding tawh kisai in Chief Minister O Ibobi in Chairman hihna len a, ex MP Rishang Keishing in Co-Chairman hihna len hi. Member in Congress MLAs, Ministers, MPs, MPCC Office Bearerte leh Congress’ frontals leh cells teng tel uh a, MPCC Vice President T. Manga Vaiphei in committee ah convenor hihna len a, MPCC Secretary (Admn) S Jiten in co-convenor hihna len hi.

Governor in laibu thak hong.

Manipur Governor VK Duggal in tuni’n Raj Bhavan ah Tamil lehkhabu Tirukkural kichi Manipuri pau a kilet hongkhia hi:                                           

Inner ah Dr M. Nara support ding uh; NCP in candidate din C Doungel puang
Imphal, March-13: Nationalist Congress Party(NCP) April 7,2014 in Outer Manipur Parliamentary biala 16th Lok Sabha election om ding ah NCP ticket a candidate dingin tuni’n Minister-lui C Doungel puang uh a, Inner Manipur Parliamentary constituency CPI candidate Dr M. Nara support ding uh chi’n NCP Manipur Pradesh a President Laishom Ibomcha,MLA in puang hi.

Tuni’n News Checkon a C Doungel inn ah Laishram Ibomcha,MLA in Press Conference sam a, huai ah thugenna ah National leader-te lemsakpihna telin Outer Manipur biala NCP candidate ding in C Doungel puan ahihbanah Inner Manipur bial ah Dr Nara support ding uh hi’n puang hi. Aman a genzelna ah CPI in leng Outer Manipur Parliamentary constituency ah NCP candidate mah a support uh lam-en ahihdan gen hi. NCP in chikmah chiangin BJP tawh kitheisiam leh pangkhawm ngeilou ding hi’n leng L. Ibomcha in gen hi. Tuni a Press Conference ah NCP Vice President N Biren, Vice President AH Khan, Women’s President A Bimola, Youth Wing President O Jugeshwar leh General Secretary Y Iboyaima leng tel uhi.

Food Safety registration hun hihsau:

Lamka, March-13: Lamka khawpi ah nek-le-dawn zuak ‘Food Business Operator’ teng in CMO/CCpur office a Food Safety Officer kiangah Feb 4,2014 tan in registration bawlsak ding leh license neichiat dinga theihsak hi uh a, Supreme Court thusuak dungzui in August 5,2011 akipan India gamsung pumpi ah Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 kichi kizang hi. Himahleh Manipur a Food Business Operator tamtak in Food Safety tawh kisai in registration bawl manlou in licence leng neilou uh a, huaiziakin Principal Secy (Health & FW) and Food Safety Commissioner, Manipur in Food Business Operator te’n Aug 4, 2014 tan in registration bawl a licence neivek dingin ahun hihsau(extend) hi.

CCpur Dist ah Food Safety Officer Sunil Kumar kia om a, a poimawh hun in Principal Secy (Health &FW) and Food Safety Commissioner in District 9 a Food Safety Officer-te’ Imphal a sam in nasem sak zel a, Food Safety Officer te’n amau sepna district ah nasepna ding hun neitawm mahmah uh a, huaiziakin registration bawl leh licence piak zekai mahmah hi’n kigen hi.

Electric post 7 lamnawl ah suankhia:

Lamka , March-13: Lamka Police Station kong(zero point) apan Lanva lei (bridge) tan Tedim Road lampi bawl hoihna din repairing pailel lai a, repairing leh leveling zawh chiang in machine zangin lampi bawlhoih hiding chi’n Health Minister Phungzathang Tonsing in a gensa bangin nasemtute’n sunzom zel uhi. Huai ding ziak mahin zan zinglam dak 9:30 akipan in electricity deptt te’n lampi nehlua a om electric post 4 suankhia uh a, tuni’n leng electric post 3 lamnawl ah suan uhi. March 14, 2014 zingsang dak 6:30 akipan in Electricity deptt te’n Police station kong akipan New Lamka lam manawh kawmin lampi nehlua a om electric post omte abanban in lampi apan gamlazaw ah suan khe ding uhi.
Huailou in zan akipan New Lamka(G) a Unity street akipan Damkam Bazar kikal lamlian JCB zangin ketletna kipan a, Damkam bazar lam ah protection wall nasepna pailel a, huia ah mi tamtakin nasem uhi. Truck bangzah hiam in leisai nawnkhia uh a, nasep hunsung in Tedim road khaktan in om a, Lanva lam zuanding gari te’ Unity Street leh St Pauls’ road ah taitou uh a, Lanva apan bazar lam zuanding teng College road lam ah taisuk uhi.

DLCC meeting om ding:
Lamka, March-13: P.K Jha, IAS, DC/CCpur makaihna in DC’s office a BRGF Resource Centre ah March 15, 2014 zinglam dak 11:00 in Dist Level Co-ordination Committee (DLCC) meeting om ding a,huai ah Outer Manipur ah April 9, 2014 a Lok Sabha Election 2014 ding tawh kisai genkhawm ding uhi. Huai hun ah Dist Level Officer teng telkim chiat ding in BO/HQ, DC’s office in theisak hi. P.K Jha , IAS, DC/CCpur in March 3, 2014 in DC/CCpur hihna charge la a, huai nung DLO te’ tawh DLCC meeting a neih masakna pen hiding hi.

GZA khawmpi a teldin mi 7 zinkhia
Lamka, March-13 : Myanmar gama Tedim khawpi ah tuni akipan Global Zomi Alliance (GZA) khawmpi 2veina kipan a, March 17, 2014 sutzop hiding hi. Huai khawmpi a tel dingin tuni in Rev Dr Luaichinthang, Chairman, Zomi Language & Literature Society(ZOLLS) makaihna in mi 7 in Lamka nusia in zinkhia uh a, tuni in Tedim tungsuak uhi. Hiai Global Zomi Alliance(GZA) khawmpi ah Burma census,2014 tawh kisai telin thu poimawh tuamtuam genkhawm ding uh hi’n kigen hi.

Mental Health Training om:

Lamka, March-13: Dist Mental Health Committee/CCpur saina in tuni in Dist Hospital a Med Suptd’ Conference Hall ah Mental Health Training om a, ZEO nuai a school 18 apan teacher leh NGO 18 apan mi hunkhop tel uhi. Training hun ah Dr. N. Gyaneshwar Singh, Psychiatrist, Dist Hospital leh Dr. H. Angoumacha Singh, Psychiatrist, Dist Hospital te’n sinsak uhi. Dr N.Gyaneshwar Singh in agenna ah nidang akipan tunitan in lungsim natna neite’n dawi leh kau banah magic siamte(maiba) naih masa uh a Doctor-te a naihhun un zekai lua a, a tamzaw damzoulou hi’n gen hi. Tulai a lungsim natna neite damdoi nekawm a treatment hoihtak piak ahih ua leh dam uh hi’n gen hi. Lutang natna ziaka Dist Hospital a ki-ensakte leng a tamzaw thil tuamtuam lawhsap nunga Hospital naihpan uh hi’n gen a, taksa in damtheihna a poimawh bang in mihingte’n lungsim damna leh lungsim nopna poimawh hi’n gen hi.

SBI ading sum hongtung:
Lamka, March-13: SBI/CCpur branch ading sum tamkhop tuni zinglam dak 11:30 velin Imphal apan security khauhtak venbitna nuai ah hongtung hi. SBI ah sum hongtunlouh ziakin ni tamkuamtak sum kidaihlou phialin zan in leng sum lakhiate’n Rs.20/- note tamtak toi teltul uh a, bank customer-te’n haksatna tuakman phial uhi.

International Day of Action for Rivers:
Lamka , March-13: Centre for Organisatonal Research & Education (CORE), North East Peoples’ Alliance (NEPA) leh North East India Outlook (NEIO) saina in March 14, 2014 zinglam dak 9:00 apan Saidan lei(bridge) ah ‘Save the Khuga River-Save CCpur’ chih thupi a nei in ‘International Day of Action for Rivers’ zat hiding hi. Huai ah Pastor Thangdaivel in thumna in hun hong ding a, Timothy Z.Zote, President NEIO in vaidawnna thu gending hi. Huchi’n Ram Wangheirakpam, Co-ordinator, NEPA in keynote address gen ding a, huaizawh in Chief Guest S.Nengkhanlun, Secy MHJU in thugen ding hi. Thugenna hun zawh in mipi’n Khuga lui hahsiang ding uhi. Huaikhit in Dr. Immanuel Zarzosang Varte makaih in mipi tawh houlimna om ding a, Rev Dr Lalkhawlien Pulamte in thumna in hunkhak ding hi.

Civil Services (Main) Exam, 2013 result:
Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) saina in Dec, 2013,
Civil Service(Main) Examination, 2013 om result puankhiak hi a, huaia lawhchingte ading in
April 7, 2014 akipan in Personality Tests om ding chih hi. Main examna a lawhching candidate-te Roll No. kia taklat hi a, huaiziakin theihchet haksa mahmah hi. Tutan a kitheipha danin singtangmi anuai ate lawhching uh hi a theih ahi hi.
1. Samuel S. Vaiphei, s/o Rev. S Prim Vaiphei
2. Densil Ginsuanlal Samte s/o (late) Rev. David K. Samte
3. Benjamin D. Samte,
4. G. Joel Haokip s/o LK Haokip
5. Miss Lhinglulkim Kipgen of Haipi Vill, Sadar Hills
6. Samuel Lhungdim
(Hihkhelh a om leh hong theisak un: next issue ah bawldik ahi ding).

Neikholhing (65) w/o Lutthang Haokip of Dist HQ, Tuibuang tuni zingsang dak 4:00 vel in Dist Hospital ah zunkhum leh kalna kithuah ziakin si a, tuni’n Dist HQ hanmual ah kivui hi.
G. Thangkhopau (76) h/o Niangkhojam of Lamphelpat tuni sun dak 12:00 vel in RIMS hospital ah awmna(asthma) ziakin si a, March 14, 2014 in Chingmeirong Christian Cemetery ah kivui ding hi.



Imphal East leh Thoubal ah earthquake mock drill om:
Imphal, March-13 : National Disaster Management Authority apan huhna zangin Disaster Management Institute, Relief & Disaster Management Dept., Govt. of Manipur te saina in Imphal East District leh Thoubal district ah tuni in zinling apan kiven ding dan sinsakna ‘Multi State Mock Exercise on Earthquake’ om hi. Imphal East District sungah tuni in DC/Imphal East office, Kusum Oil Pump, City Convention Centre, JNIMS, PCTC Oil Pump, Relief Camp, Panchayat Bhavan ah om a, Thoubal District ah Mini Secretariat, District Hospital, Thoubal Market, Wangjing Bazar leh Thoubal College ah om hi.

Tunnel 17na a leivuh zousiang uh:
Imphal, March-13: Jiribam-Tupul Raiway line a nasem construction companies te’n tuni in tunnel 17na a leivuh zousiang uh a, huai project a nasem pawlin tuni nitaklam dak 5.00 in tunnel 5 tan ah nasep zousiang uh chihthu om hi. Tuni a leivuh kizousiang tunnel 17na pen Tamenglong district sung Awangkhul khua a om hi a, a saulam meter 1061.8 hi’n kigen hi.

Election ah CAPF company 40 zat hiding:
Imphal, March-13 : Ministry of Home Affairs in Manipur ah April 9 & 17, 2014 a Lok Sabha election a duty din Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) company 40 zat hiding in state govt theisak a, state dang akipan hong kuan dingte March 20, 2014 akipan hongtung ding uh hi’n kigen hi. Manipur ah tulela omsate tawh sim in companies 79 zat hiding chihthu om hi. Manipur in Lok Sabha election ah CRPF companies 27, BSF companies 12 leh Railway Protection Force companies 1 banah State Armed police forces companies 10 zat sawm uhi. State sunga Central Armed Police force omte enkai dingin IG (Ops) CRPF Zulfiquor Hasan guan a om hi’n leng kigen hi.

IED bomb khat kimukhia:
Imphal, March-13: Imphal-Moirang lampi Keirenphabi Maning Leikai ah zan nitaklam in Keirenphabi khaw miten IED bomb khat mukhia uhi. Huai phet in Moirang Police- te theisak uh a, Moirang police te’n amun vadelh pah uh a, police bomb expert te’n tuni zingkal in hihsia(defussed) uhi. Huai IED bomb bel kg. 3 vel a gik hi’n kigen hi.

BSEM office chabi in kalh uh:
Imphal, March-13 : Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BSEM) a Chairman L. Rajmohon apaisa Feb. 28, 2014 in retired a, state govt in tuni tanpha amun luah ding guanglou uhi. Huai tawh kisai in DESAM volunteers te’n tuni’n BSEM office vapha main gate chabi in kalh uhi. Huai hun ah security personnel duty te’n kham mahle uh amau mi atamluat ziakun thagum a lutin a sunglam ah chabi in kalh uh a, tuazawh in Diesel auto in taikhia uhi.Thiltung police te’n a theihphet un delh uh a, diesel auto a tai DESAM volunteers te BJP office konga Nityapat Chuthek mun ah delhpha in man uhi.

KCP-MC 14 in galvan koihkhia:
Imphal, March-13 : KCP-MC (Nongdrenkhomba group) apan cadres 14 in tuni’n SoO nuai a om dingin galvan koihkhia uhi. Tua tawh kiton in amaute laklutna tuni in Bishnupur district sunga 6th Assam Rifles post ah om hi. Amau Commander Prithvi kichi in makaih a, galvan tuamtuam 12 koihkhia uhi. Tuate AK-23 rifles 1, AK-47 rifles 1, AK-21 rifles 1, AK-22 rifles 1, AK-56 rifles 1, Chinese OG gun 1, Lethod gun 1, .32 pistol 6 leh a tang 6, 9mm pistol 1, handgrenade 4, detonators 3 leh thautang hunkhop pekhia uhi.
Huai hun ah Chief Minister O. Ibobi leh Dy. CM Gaikhangam in leng uap uhi. Tuni a galvan koihkhia pawlte designated camp 3 koih in om uhi. Sept 9, 2013 in KCP-MC (Nongdrenkhomba) C-in-Chief Ningthoujam Nongdrenkhomba @ Romen, Chief of Army Laishram Guni @ Gunamani te’n govt tawh kalah MoU suaikai uhi.

1.PC Lawmkunga, IAS, Chief Secretary & Secretary (Cabinet & Confidential/Forest &
Environment); Chief Vigilance Officer as Chief Secretary & Secretary (Cabinet &
Confidential/Forest & Environment/ MOBC & SC); Chief Vigilance Officer, Govt. of
Manipur & Member Secretary (State Commission for OBC).
2. RK Dinesh Singh, IAS, Secretary (MOBC/Revenue) & Project Director(MACS) in
addition as Secretary(MAHUD/Revenue) & Project Director (MACS) in addition
3. M. Harekrishna, IAS, Addl. Secretary (Labour & Employment) & Director (Printing &
Stationery) as Addl. Director (State Academy of Training) and Addl. Secretary (Admn
Reforms) and Director (Printing & Stationery) in addition
4. L. Nabakishware Singh, IAS, Addl. Director (State Academy of Training) & Joint
Secretary (Admn Reforms) in addition as Joint Secretary (MAHUD) & District Co-
ordinator (MAHUD & UBS) in addition & Joint Director (MAHUD)
5. W. Bhaktaraj Singh, MCS, Addl. Secretary (MAHUD) & District Co-ordinator (MAHUD
& UBS) in addition & Joint Director (MAHUD) as Addl Secretary (Labour &
Employment) and attached to Election Control Room
6. L. Nandakumar Singh, MCS, Deputy Secretary (Edn-S) ex-officio ASTD (RMSA) and
attached to Election Control Room as Deputy Secretary (Edn-S) ex-officio ASTD (RMSA)
7. Ranjan Yumnam, MCS, Deputy Secretary (CAF & PD) & ex- officio Jt. Director (CAF &
PD) as Addl. Deputy Commissioner/Jiribam .

Zogam Thupuak | 13 March 2014

zogam thupuak logoRahul in Manipur hongphak ding ziakin MPCC kisakhol
Goa Dy. CM in Noney ah campaign neiding:
Imphal, March-12: Manipur Pradesh BJP in Goa state a Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’ Souza in Manipur hongpha dia chialna abawl dungzui un aman Lok Sabha election om ding ah BJP’ candidate adia election campaign bawl ding in Tamenglong district sung a Nonery khua ah campaign nei ding chihthu om hi. Franchis in March 13, 2014 in Noney hongpha phut ding a, tua dingin security lam kisakkholhna kin-le-buangin om chih ahi hi. Huchih lai in, AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi in leng March 19, 2014 in Manipur ah vote campaign neidin hongzin ding chih hi.
Manipur Pradesh BJP Chief Th Chaoba Singh in tuni’n News saite kiang a gendan in, Manipur ah BJP tawh kisai demna leh gensiatna nasatak om a, BJP in Christian sahkhua ahihkeileh Muslim-te dou himhim chihthu leng hun sawttak paisa akipan gen-le-sak in om a, huai pe’n thuzuau ahihdan chetna dingin March 13,2014(Ningani) a Goa’ Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’ Souza in Noney khua a phak hun ah a chetna hong kilang ding hi’n gen hi. BJP in Outer Manipur a candidate dinga a guan Professor Gangmumei Kamei a dingin Goa Dy CM in vote campaign hong nei ding chi’n leng gen hi. BJP kichi anti- Christian ahi zenzen kei chi’n Th Chaoba Singh in tuni’n Keishampat Nityapat Chuthek mun a BJP member dinga kipelut thakte vaidawnna hun ah gen hi.
Tuni a BJP zom thakte ahihleh state minister lui banah NPF advisor hilel Dr. Khasim Ruivah; Saikul Assembly Constituency a MLA-lui Dongkhomang Haokip; NCP General Secretary lui N Ratan @ Kapu Meitei; IMC Councillor lui banah Sagolband Block Congress Committee a Secretary lui Chabungbam Joykumar Singh leh Director of State Health Services lui Dr. Mangsatabam Birachandra Singh hi uhi.
Thudang kizadanin AlCC Vice President Rahul Gandhi in March 19, 2014 chiangin Manipur hongpha ding a, huai ding tawh kisai in MPCC te naktakin kisakhol uh chih ahi hi. AICC in a lemsakpih bangin Inner Manipur bial ah sitting MP Dr. Th Meinya leh Outer Manipur bial ah sitting MP mah Thangso Baite in Congress ticket in candidate nawn ding uh chih hi a, BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in Imphal a campaign a neih hun sangmah a mihing tamzawtham dingin MPCC kisakholh inpanla chi’n state Congress leader khat in tuni nitakin gen hi. AICC Vice President in March 19, 2014 a Imphal hongphak ding ziakin security lam naktakin kisakhol uh a, full proof security piak a poimawh ziakin March 15, 2014 apanin New Delhi apan Special Protection Guard(SPG) hunkhop Imphal hongtung ding uh a, state security-te tawh pawnkhawm in law & order dinmun banah Rahul Gandhi bitna ding in panla khawm ding uh chihthu om hi.

OC/CCpur PS makaih in tuni’n social work om:
Lamka, March-12: Inspector M.A Salam, OC/CCpur Police Station makaih in Police, VDF banah Executive Officer (Town) leh a staff-te’n kithuah in tuni zingsang dak 7:00 apan Tedim Road jula Police Station kimlak ah social work nei uh a, Sanitary Truck zang in niin omte nawnkhia uhi. OC/CCpur in a gendan in Police Station kim ban ah March 23 &14, 2014 zingsang in Old Bazar area ah social work om nawnding hi’n gen hi. Dawr/dukan neitu khenkhat te’n plastic leh thil tuamtuam a haltumte uh akhu(smoke) mihing damtheihna adin hoihlou a, huaite dalna ding in Police, VDF leh EO(town) staff te’n social work nei hi’n gen hi. Dukan neite’n tuban mahni niin teng Ssanitary Truck ah pawkhesak zel dingin ngen a, khawpi sunga gari accident a tawm theihna din gari atai kuapeuh in km 20 speed a tai ding in leng ngen a, nitak in kuaman zu leh khamtheih khamsa a gari heklou dingin leng theisak hi.
M.A Salam in Feb 21, 2014 in CCpur PS ah OC din joined a, aman kim leh kiang sianthouna ngai poimawh mahmah in zingsang tengin Police leh VDF te roll call neizel in Police Station campus leh akim leh kiang hahsiang pihzel hi’n kigen hi.

LATSEA makaite’n DC/CCpur ah ngetna pia:
Lamka, March-12: Lamka Traders & Self Employed Assn(LATSEA) akipan Chief Co-ordinator leh Chairman in zan in DC/CCpur kimuhpih in point tuamtuam 4 ngetna pia uhi. Huai ah District Council in Trade License issue theihna ding a zuihding(condition) a bikhiahte mipite adia hoihna ding ahihman in khauhtaka zuih ding,electric meivak(power) tawh kisai load-shedding hun leng kha 1 sungin Newspaper tungtawn in mipi theihdia khatvei puankhiak ding, Lamka a LPG hawmkhiak hun nipi laiin zingsang dak 6.00 akipan sun dak 12.00 tan ahih ding, phalbi lai in zingsang dak 7.00 akipan sunnung dak 1.00 tan hihsak ding banah Gas lak nung ni 20 in aban adia booking hun leng ni 10 sung hihsak chi’n DC kiangah tun uhi. Bank te’n Credit Deposit Radio(CD Ratio) 40% a hihsak kei ualeh govt sum zang theilou dia thunun ding,CCpur district ah Capacity building & skills development programme patkhiak ding chih banah khawpi sungah self-employment lam uang bawl dingin govt apan hasotna leh kithuahpihna a om ding chi’n ngen uhi.

Tuni’n Home reception leh Workshop on:
Lamka, March-12: T.Hangkhanpau, Vice President, BJP Manipur Pradesh in tuni zinglam in Tuibuong a M.Chungkhosei’ inn ah home reception nei a, BJP/CCpur makai tamtak in uap uhi. Thangkholal Thangsing in T.Hangkhanpau’ adin Pathian kiang ah thumsak a, huai zawh in press conference in om hi. M.Chungkhosei in agenna ah Congress (I) in India gam ah kum tamtak govt bawlta a, mipi genthei deuhdeuh in ahausate hausa deuhdeuh hi’n gen hi. Central ah BJP makaih a govt hong dinkhiat lam-et thu gen a, Manipur ah leng Congress (I) in govt a bawl sungteng mipi genthei dending chi’n gen hi.
T.Hangkhanpau in thil piangkhiate state tuam dungzui in ngaihdan kibanglou hi’n gen a, BJP kichi Congress(I) tawh kibang a party lian hi’n gen hi. Odisha Madhya Pradesh leh Andhra Pradesh a Hindu-te’n Christiante soisa chih tungtang ah mimal thilhih teng BJP te ngawh theihlouh hi’n gen a, NE state tamzaw a Congress (I) vaihawmna ah kimat,kithah, rape chihte om a, huaite leng BJP te’n Congress (I) te hih chithei tuanlou hi’n gen hi.
BJP in Outer Manipur a MP candidate dingin Prof Gangmumei Kamei guang a, campaign kick-off dingin March 14, 2014 in Rengkai Community Hall ah public meeting om ding hi’n gen hi. Huai ah BJP te’ anti-Christian hihlouhdan mipi theihna dingin Goa state a Dy CM lenlel Christian sahkhua zui Francis D.Souza in thugen ding hi’n leng gen hi. Press conference zawh in CCpur dist a BJP makai leh worker teng tawh workshop nei uh a, maban a election hun ah panlakding dan tuamtuam genkhawm uhi.

V/A leh YPA makaihna in social work:
Lamka, March-12: Tulai in Lamkah ah tui haksatna atun ziakin khawpi sung adia tui laknate laka khat Bungmual’ New Lane a PHED tanky luun mahmah a,hileleng tui akai ginatlouh ziakin tuni in Bungmual Village Authorty(V/A), YPA Bungmual Unit leh PHED a semte’n Lanva lui nak a intake point leh New Lane kalah joint social work nei uhi.
Tulai in zingsang dak 3:30 vel apan nitak dak 10 tanphial tuitawi om nawnta a, khawmial hun ah rickshaw/auto accident om zeuhzeuh hi. Huai tawh kisai in tuitawi adiakin auto rickshaw, rickshaw, 207pick-up te’n nitak khawmial apan light/meivak zangchiat ding leh speed awl zawdeuh atai dingin Bungmual V/A leh YPA/Bungmual in theisak uhi.
Huailou in tuinek kichinna tanky pe’n PHED’ water supply zone-II hi a, Lamka mipite leh VIP line ahihziakin Bungmual khawmi hi’n khaw pawlam hitaleh kuama’n tanky lutma a pipe line vutvang nawnlou din theihsak hi uh a, intake point apan tanky kal pipeline subuai a omlai leh ngaihkhawk mahmah hidinga, Dist Magistrate leh SP/CCpur ah report hita ding chi’n Bungmual V/A Secy Khamkhanthang Valte leh YPA Bungmual Unit Secretary Tualthianlal te’n thusuah bawl uhi. Amau March 13, 2014 zinglam dak 8 in tui hawmzak ding dan tawh kisai Bungmual’ PHED tanky mun ah lehkha tak ding uhi.

JSSK sepsuahna thu genkhawm:
Lamka, March-12: Med Supd/Dist Hospital office ah tuni sunnung in JSSK sepsuahna tawh kisai review meeting om a, CMO, DFWO,DPM, DFM, DDM, Dy Med Suptd/Dist Hospital ban ah ward tenga Sister i/c te tel uhi. JSSK tungtawn in town area (Mata-Kangvai, Saikot- Mission Compound) a nupi naunei dingte JSSK gari bangzah hiam omte zangin NRHM/CCpur in Dist hospital ah pawtung uh a, a paikhiak ding hun uah leng gari mahin a koihnawn zel uhi.

Innkangte spot inquiry bawl:
Lamka, March-12:Langkhanpau Guite, Chairman ADC/CCpur in Henglep sub-divn. a S.Molnom khua ah zanhal sunnung in gamkang apan meikuang paisuak ziaka khawsung a inn 19 banah catholic biakinn 1 leh school building 1 kangtum tawh kisai Gypsy gari 1 sawl in a, huai zangin ADC/CCpur staff 1 ban ah Daniel Gangte, Secy KIC makaih in sport inquiry bawl uhi. Spot inquiry bawlte’n a thil muhkhiak bangbang uh govt ah report ding uh a, ADC/CCpur in leng panpihna bang omthei hiam hih ngaihtuah ding uh hi’n kigen hi.

Workshop on Human Rights:
Lamka, March-12: Hmar Women Assn(HWA) Gen HQ saina in tuni zinglam akipan Rengkai Road a H.L Daka Memorial Hall, HSA complex ah ‘1-Day Workshop on Human Rights’ om a, Saronparmawi, Asst Secy HWA, Gen HQ in thumna in Workshop hong hi. Huai hun ah Lamlhing, Vice President, Kuki Women Human Rights in sinsak a, mi ahunkhop tel uhi.

Accident aliam damzoulou:
Lamka, March-12: New Lamka Hebron veng a Tedim Road ah zan nitak dak 8:45 velin Bike (No. MN-02A/2257) in Tata Sumo (No. AS 21D/3108) anunglam ah a phutkhak ziakin Bike hektu Pauzalun Manlun (27) s/o Zamkholam of Phailian alu kek a, kintak in Dist Hospital puaktung nungin doctor te’n Imphal ah refered mahle uh dam zoulou in tuzing dak 7:00 velin Shija Hospital ah si hi. Siluang tuni’n tuni in Phailian hanmual ah kivui hi.
Accident ziaka Pauzalun Manlun sihna thu ah tuni’n Tata Sumo’ neite leh misi lamte Pupa dan dungzui in inndongta level in kihoulem uh a,Sumo gari’ neite’n gan gou in siluang puandum in tuam uh a, Rs.20,000/- in sigal uhi.

VAA Gen HQ in block 2 hongthak:
Lamka, March-12: Vaiphei Artistes’ Assn(VAA) Gen HQ a President P. Boijoy Vaiphei makaih in March 8,2014 in Leimakhong(Sadar Hills) ah VAA Leilon Block hongkhia uh a, President dingin Lemlian, Leimakhong leh V/President dingin Sangpu, Haraothel telching uhi. Huai ni mah in Sadar Hills biala Salampatong ah VAA Eastern Block hongkhia uh a, President in S. Khailianmang, Salampatong leh V/President in Mangminlun, Gotangkot telching uhi.

Mental Health Training om ding:
Lamka, March-12: Dist Mental Health Committee/CCpur saina in March 13-15, 2014 sung zinglam dak 10:00 apan CMO office a Lecture Hall ah 3-Days Mental Health Training om ding a, ZEO/CCpur nuai a school 20 apan Headmaster/Asst Teacher 1 chiat tel ding uhi.

KNO in theihsakna thupuan bawl:
Lamka, March-12: Helien Kipgen,Secy(Edn & Public Relations)/KNO in Manipur singtanggam ah laizilna(education system) dinmun keniam hi a taklang kawmin huai bawlhoih ding deihna in thupuan bawl hi. Manipur in state a ngah kum 40 val mahleh politician-te’n vision a taksap ziakun singtanggam ah education dinmun a niamtawp a om hi’n taklang a,kum 1980 hunlai a school omzah mah tutan omlai a, siamna taktak(quality education) in kiakniam lam nawt hi’n gen hi.Huaiziak mah in singtanggam a school omte leng siamsinna mun taktak bang nawnlou khopa dinmun niam hi’n taklang hi.
KNO in independent sutvey a bawl akipan muhkhiakdan in school adia poimawh –class room ding school building,toilet, tuisiang dawn ding,staff quarter leh adangdang omte leng a omlou tawh kibangin a minpu lel hi a,singtanggam a education dinmun bawlhoih hileh masawnna leh khantouhna tawh kisai leng kindeuh ding hi’n gen hi. KNO in thil omdan enzui zel ding hi a taklang kawm in education lam tawh kisai ahi banga semkhe dingin deptt, agency leh mimal kuapeuh theisak uh a,Minister,MLA leh MDC te’n leng kithuahpih ding a ngen kawmin academic session hunlai in teacher te transfer/posting a kigolhlou ding leh teacher-te leng amau sepna mun chiat ah regular taka class lachiat ding in theisak uhi.

Mrs. Goihkhoniang(74) w/o (late) Khamchinpau Guite, Chief of Suangdoh tuni zinglam dak 9:30 velin atenna inn uh Lailam Veng ah cancer natna ziakin si a, tuni’n Suangdoh khua a vuiding in kipua a March 13, 2014 in kivui ding hi.



April 2014 tan in Gari tengah HSNP thuah hiding
Imphal, March-12: Transport Director M Luikham in tuni’n Babupara a State Transport office ah Press Conference sam in a genna ah Supreme Court thusuak dungzui in April 2014 tan in Manipur a Gari om tengah ‘high security number plate(HSNP)’ thuah vek hiding chi hi. Director in a gendan in Manipur a gari ki-registered 2,18,000 om laka 14% in HSNP thuah uh a, district tuamtuam a HSNP kithuahzah bel Bishnupur a 560, CCpur district ah 7130, Imphal West ah 19733, Ukhrul ah 133, Kangpokpi ah 115, Senapati ah 96, Imphal Eadt ah 1150 leh Thoubal ah 675 hi’n Transport Director in gen hi. HSNP thuah dinga hun bikhiah April 2014 khabei tana thuahloute tung ah govt in legal telin action lak theihna teng zangin action la ding chi’n gen hi.

Kakwa police station luhsawm:
Imphal, March-12: M. Ibosana sihna tawh kisai in tualthatte kintaka matkhiak dinga phutna in tuni zinglam in Kakwa leh Singjamei Oinam Thingel a Heirangoi Thong Makha Maibam Women Socio Cultural Development Assn-te’ makaihna a mipi kipunkhawmte’n sit-in-protest nei uh a, sunnung in mipi sousang deuhdeuh in nitaklam dak 3:00 in Kakwa Police station valuh sawm uh a, police-te’n ana dal ziakun lawhsam in police-te’ tawh kisel buaina tanpha piang hi’n kigen uhi. Police-te’n M. Ibosana sihna tawh kisai investigation leng zawh phial hita hi’n gen uh a, bangziaka tualthat-te’ mankhe nailou uhiam chih mipi kiphinte’n police-te’ kiangah ah dong uhi. M. Ibosana(38) bel March 2, 2014 in meltheilouh pawlkhat in Maibam Leikai Sopha Leirak mun apan a pimang uh March 4, 2014 nitaklam in Langthabal Phuramakhong ah a sisa a muhkhiak in om hi.

Manipur ah HIV/AIDS vei 43,707 om:
Imphal, March-12: Manipur ah HIV positive leh AIDS veite’n govt akipan panpihna leh etkolna ginatak ngahlou uh hi a genkawm in NGO tuamtuam in Chief Minister O. Ibobi kiangah state govt apan huhna kichingzaw ngen uhi. India gama state 6 ah HIV/AIDS vei tamdeuh hi a kigen lakah Manipur telkha a, Manipur State AIDS Control Society(MACS) akipan report nanungpen in a taklatdan in HIV/AIDS mihing 43,707 om a,huaite lakah numei 11,878 leh naupang 2,780 tel uh chih ahi hi. NGO pawlin govt hospital leh ART centre tengah HIV/AIDS veite manbei in laboratory testing leh investigation bawl ahih ding chih banah govt hospital tuamtuam ah HIV lam enkai ding doctor kiching koih dingin ngen uhi.

Bomb koih ziakin sit-in-protest om:
Imphal, March-12 : Porompat PS bialsung Chingambam Leikai Thingom Leirak a om Kh. Sanju Singh(34) tenna inn ah zan nitak dak 10:30 velin meltheihlouhte’n bomb vapai in puakzak mahleh asi leh liam kuamah omlou a, himahleh Kh. Sanju Singh’ compound sunga Santro Car ki oih naktak in sia hi. Mihing tenna inn a bomb paihkhumte mawhpaihna in Khurai area ah tuni’n numei pawl sit-in-protest tu uhi. Hibang thil tunung in kuaman ching nawnlou ding in leng akisaipihte theisak uhi.

Asst Expenditure Observer guang:
Imphal, March-12: Outer Manipur leh Inner Manipur Lok Sabha biala Election Expenditure Observer dinga Election Commission of India(ECI) in a guante Thoubal district sunga kithuahpih ding in DC/District Election Officer,Thoubal in Asst Expenditure Observer(AEO) dingin mi 2 guang hi. Thoubal district sunga Inner Manipur Lok Sabha bialin a huamkhak Assembly Constituency 3 a Asst Expenditure Observer dingin K. Biju Singh,MFS, Asst Treasury Officer/Thoubal guang a, Outer Manipur Lok Sabha bialin a huamkhak Assembly Constituency 7 a Asst Expenditure Observer dingin Th. Gunindro Singh, MFS, Sub-Treasury Officer/Kakching guang hi.

Manipur ah Android Nokia phone:
Imphal, March-12: India gam pumpi ah Nokia in Android phone launched ahih tawh kiton in Imphal a Hotel Nirmala Conference Hall ah tuni’n Nokia Android launching om hi. Huai hun ah Nokia Manipur leader RK Sanjeev in Nokia Android pen phone dang tawh kilamdang mahmah hi’n gen a, tuaziakin demand sang mahmah hi’n gen hi. Nokia Android bel asan, ahing , avom leh angou in om a, Rs. 8699/- a zuak hi’n kigen hi.

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