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SSPP GHQ in Pu (L) Donglianpau Suun


Siamsinte leh siamsinna ngaih poimoh, awlmohna leh veina thupitak nei Pu (L) DONGLIANPAU in ahon beisanna tungah SUUN THU i puang ahi.

Amah Siamsinpawlpi Unit, Branch leh Block-te ah heutu in ana pangkha hi. Siamsinna vai a khentuam neilou a KIKHEKNA tuntu khat ana hih ziakin 2015 in SSPP Honour Award- in Distinguish Service in the field of Education ana sang in, State Awardee for Best Teachers Award ngahna ding in chitna nei in District apan nominate/recommend in leng om hi.

Mi tamzaw te’n puahtheih dia a lamet hetlouh uh, Vimala Raina H/S ah Headmaster hihna toh theihtawp suah in pan hon la a, naupang 500 vaal hon nei pah ngal uhi. Classroom kidaihlouh ziakin naupang a ut teng admit theilou uhi. Innsung khosak haksa taktak a kipan siamsin naupang tampi tak in hiai Skul ah siamsinna ngah uh hi. Tua ahih man in, 21st Century hun a I gam a dinga siamsinna khovaak puaktu ahi ichilou theikei ahi.

Na khatpeuhpeuh a gin om, chitak, kuhkal, tuangang leh a mohpuakna zoulou chihte nei vetlou mi ahi.

Toupan  a innkuan pihte makaih in ompih tawntung hen!


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Manipur CM Okram Ibobi Singh is likely to replace all his Cabinet Ministers

Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh is likely to replace all his Cabinet Ministers to solve the internal crisis of the Congress party. According to sources the reshuffle is likely to take place by April 9. Impact News has also learnt that Chief Minster Okram Ibobi Singh, Deputy CM Gaikhangam and newly appointed MPCC President TN Haokip will leave for Delhi on April 3 with the list of the names of new ministers for approval by AICC president Sonia Gandhi.

A meeting of the congress party was held at the CM's bungalow on Friday morning and another round of meeting in the evening. Those who attended the include PHED Minister I Hemochandra, Education Minister M Okendro and Panchayati Raj Minister Francis Ngajokpa. If the list of new ministers is approved by Sonia Gandhi then the reshuffling will have to take place before April 9 as notification for Imphal Municipal Corporation election is expected on or after April 9. If the notification is out on April 9 then the election code of conduct will prevent any political activity as per Election code of conduct.


Album thak: Nang Phatna Laa - Ningmuanching

Album thak: Nang Phatna Laa - Ningmuanching
Hongtung ding 26th March 2016 nitaklam dak 2 in S.A Road, Hiangtam Lamka ah Ningmuanching album thak - Nang Phatna Laa honkhiak hi ding hi.  
Hiai album muhtheihna te:
Lamka : +91 96-12-528395, +91 98-56-288265
Delhi : +91 8447-317400, +91 8800-262368
Bangalore : +91 99-80-493228

Shillong : +91 97-74-721482
Hiai album a la te Youtube leh website tuamtuam ah phalna omlou a upload lou dingin Album bawlten ngetna bawl ua, bang hiam chia upload teitei a om leh Copyright ziaka buaina omthei ahih dan zong gen uh hi.