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Zogam.com is the oldest website known for the Zo people and maybe in the entire North East India. It was founded on 9 March 2003 by Ginza Vualzong in New Delhi. Zogam.com at large caters about 90,000+ users from around the globe and have approximately 1500 average daily visitors with approximately 18000 pages read every day. Zogam.com has four medium - web page, facebook group/page, WhatsApp group and Android App to reached out to the public. Zogam.com is the most popular platform for the Zo people and act as pioneer by leaving trails for others to follow. It hosted articles, news, videos, poetries, discussion forum, blog, emails etc. True to its theme - Bridging the Zomis, it brought the Zo people around the globe together and created great platform for various budding and hidden talents. Infact it produced many great writers, poets and young artistes from it.

Apart from these, it also recognized and promoted literature by conducting Zogam.com Writers Award in 2008 at Lamka and Dr. T Ginkam Zogam.Com Writing Competition Award in 2010 at New Delhi. To appreciate and recognize the contributors of the society, Zogam.com also organized Zogam.com Personality Award 2013 (ZOPA) in January 2014. Also to help the underprivileged citizens of the society Zogam.com contributed to the Mautam Relief Fund to COMFA in 2008,  the Malsawm Initiative  in 2012, Only Grace in 2012, Amazing Grace in 2012 and Tabitha Home in 2013. Zogam.com also promote cleanliness in public places. On 23 December 2011 Zogam.com helped clean the Churachandpur District Hospital by organizing a Social Work. Zogam.com also took part social activities; it organized TV live discussion and programs on social issues related to the 3 Bills issue in Manipur.

Zogam.com has some firsts. It launched the first ever mobile website for the Zo people in 18 January 2011. The first website driven Android app called Zogam.com Android App was launched in 5 October 2013. Zogam.com is also the first to use private dedicated server (VPS) for a website. Zogam.com is now registered TradeMark under Intellectual Property India, Government of India (Controller General of Patents, Designs and TradeMarks) - this again is yet another milestone.

From time to time Zogam.com organized various activities to connect with its users. It organized many interactive activities like quizes, contests, outings, anniversary celebrations, football matches, seminars, interviews etc. It also created various souvenirs like Tshirts, Keychains, Stickers etc to keep in tune and connect with the users. It also initiated the concept of User of the Week in Zogam.com Facebook Group, another first of its kind, to encourage participation of the users.

The operation and functioning of Zogam.com is purely based on the selfless contributions of the admins and the users, which substantiate the vision of the founder in the first place.


Ginza Vualzong
Ginza VualzongAdmin & Founderginza@zogam.com
Minsang Guite
Minsang GuiteAdminminsang@zogam.com
Rimkus Ngaihte
Rimkus NgaihteAdminrimkus@zogam.com
Muan Shamte
Muan ShamteAdminmuanshamte@zogam.com
Biak Hanghal
Biak HanghalAdminbiakhanghal@zogam.com
C Lian Langel
C Lian LangelAdminclian@zogam.com
Mangkhum Tonsing
Mangkhum TonsingAdminmangkhum@zogam.com
Son Ngaihte
Son NgaihteAdminsonngaihte@zogam.com

Ex Admins

During our 15 years of existence, admins come and go. We valued their contributions very much. Here are our previous admins:
Website & Forum:
Sianpu (2004-2005), Ginpu Guite (2004-2005), James Vaiphei (2004-2005), Paul Khaipu (2005 - 2012), Muan Hangshing (2006 - 2011), Khup Naulak (2006 - 2011), Mung Tonsing (2006 - 2014), Suanlal Thomte (2006 - 2011), Sutzalian Tonsing (2006 - 2011), Siam Tonsing (2006 - 2011), Rinawm Tonsing (2006-2009), Lunte Samte (2006 -2011), Ding Guite (2007 - 2014), Dinga S (2008 - 2011), Sang Muan (TSM) (2009-2014), Chinsuanlal (2009-2014), Vanglian (2010-2014), George Tonsing (2009-2011), Joy Tonsing (2011), Lal Valte (2011), Mung Mangte (2011), Lalpi Sektak (2011-2013), Enes Shoute (2012 - 2014), Sonlian Vualnam (2012 - 2014).

Location Admins:
Ginlalmuan (2012 - 2014, Lang Biak Lian (2012 - 2014), Joy Thanglian (2012 - 2013), Lian Samte (2012 - 2014), Gin Munsong (2012 - 2014), Muana Vualnam (2012 - 2014)

Dmin Guite (2012-2013), Cicily Zou (2012 - 2014), John Suantak (2012 - 2014), Justin Simte (2012 - 2014), Chinghoihkim (2012), G Suango (2012), Thang Munhau Sektak (2012), Emvee Valte (2012), Min Khuptong (2012-2013)