Zogam.com was Founded by Ginza Vualzong

09 March 2003

20 July 2004

Zogam.com goes PhpNuke

Zogam.com start using Joomla!

5 November 2006

5 March 2008

Zogam.com touched 1000 user.

1000th user was Pu Chinthang.

Zogam.com Writer's Award

Dr. Tualchin Neihsial won the award at YPA Hall, New Lamka.

30 December 2008

30 June 2009

Facebook group started

Dr. T Ginkam Zogam.Com Writing Competition Award

Location: New Delhi. Winner: Margaret Samte

13 March 2010

18 January 2011

Zogam.com Mobile Version released

First time in the history of Zomis.

Facebook group revived.

16 October 2011

14 January 2012

Zogam.com goes VPS

First time in the history of the Zomis.

Won SSPP GHQ Honours Award for Literature and Social Service.

13 January 2012

9 March 2013

Decade of Zogam.com Celebrated

Churachandpur DC - Jacintha Lazarus and SP - Mangkhogin Kipgen were special guests. Location:  Synod  Hall, Lamka.

Zogam.com Android App launched.

A first of its kind among the North East tribals.

5 October 2013

8 March 2014

Zogam.com Person of the Year Award (ZOPA) 2013

CT Lian awarded ZOPA 2013.

Zogam.com Trademark has been registered.

Zogam.com's logo, Brand name (Zogam.com) and Slogan (Bridging the Zomis) has been registered under Intellectual Property India, Controller General of Patents, Designs and TradeMarks, Government of India.

22 August 2014

24 October 2015

TV Talk Show on Discussion on Social Reformation vis-a-vis Political Aspiration

Conducted at Hornbill Cable Network Studio. The panelist were Pu LT Ngaihte, IFS, New York & Columnist Zogam.com, Pu Rev Pum Za Thang Tombing, Founder President GETS, Bangalore, Pu Mangcha Thangjom, Convenor JPO, Pu H Mangchinkhup, Chief Convenor JAC, Pu CT Lian Guite, MDC & Social Activist and ZOPA, Pu Dr Chinkholal Thangsing, CEO Touch of Hope Foundation. The Show was broadcasted live on Hornbill Cable Network and was streamlined Live on the internet for the rest of the world to view.