Zogam.com Timeline - Beyond Website and Facebook


 Below is the list of activities and achievements met by Zogam.com over a decade:

9 March 2003 - Zogam.com domain registered.

20 July 2004 - Zogam.com goes PhpNuke

5 November 2006 - Zogam.com goes Joomla!

12 August 2007 - Zogam.com Tshirt I released.(150 pieces sold).


5 March 2008 - Zogam.com touched 1000 user. 1000th user was Pu Chinthang.

9 March 2008 - 5th Anniversary celebrated in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lamka, Korea, UK and Australia

30 December 2008 - Conducted Zogam.com Writer's Award at YPA Hall, New Lamka. (Dr. Tualchin Neihsial won the award)

30 December 2008 - Contributed to Mautaam Relief Fund (COMFA)


8 March 2009 - 6th Anniversary celebrated in Delhi, Mumbai, Korea, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Australia

8 March 2009 - Zogam.com Sticker Released.

1 April 2009 - Zogam Helpdesk Released.

16 June 2009 - Zogam Photography Club in the form of Zogam Gallery v4.0 released.

30 June 2009 - Facebook group started.

19 September 2009 - Zogam.com Tshirt II released.(550 pieces sold)

30 December 2009 - Webcasted Angels' Vision 'A Night to Remember' a tribute to Thangboi Mangte and Muana Ngaihte.


13 March 2010 - 7th Anniversary celebrated in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lamka,Mumbai and Australia

13 March 2010 - Conducted Dr. T Ginkam Zogam.Com Writing Competition Award at New Delhi.(Margaret Samte won the award) 

13 March 2010 - Zogam.com Keychain Released.

28 March 2010 - ZogamBlog released.

10 July 2010 - Friendly football match with Zogam Media Watch at New Delhi IIT ground.

19 October 2010 - Series of Zogam IQ Quiz started. Fauna IQ (FIQ), Movie IQ (MIQ), Music IQ (MIQ), Literature IQ (LIQ), Places IQ (PIQ) 

10 December 2010 - Zogam.com Krismas-Kumthak Super Bumper Draw initiated.

28 December 2010 - Zogam.com Shouters Meet 2010 held at Hebron Farm, Mata Lamka


18 January 2011 - Zogam.com Mobile Version released for the first time in the history of Zomis. 

20 February 2011 - Partner with Paite Puandum Website (paite.org)

12 March 2011 - 8th Anniversary celebrated in New Delhi.

16 October 2011 - Facebook group revived.

 23 December 2011 - Social Work at Lamka District Hospital to clean the Hospital campus and building. A Christmas tree was installed in the hospital campus for the patients and gifts were given to the hospital patients.


2 January 2012 - Donated to The Malsawm Initiatives

2 January 2012 - Donated to Only Grace

2 January 2012 - Donated to Amazing Grace (Abandoned Babies Home)

14 January 2012 - Zogam.com goes VPS for the first time in the history of the Zomis.

13 January 2012 - Won SSPP GHQ Honours Award for Literature and Social Service.

23 February 2012 - User of the Week started to promote and encourage the Zogam.com users.

10 March 2012 - Inauguration of Site new software (J!2.5) and celebration of 9th Anniversary at Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

31 March 2012 - Team Interaction Outing at Deer Park, New Delhi

9 June 2012 - Zomi Ka Hi Tshirt Released.(Zogam.com Tshirt III). 1000 pieces sold making the best selling Tshirts among the Zomis.

15 July 2012 - Team interaction Outing at Deer Park -II, New Delhi

24 July 2012 - Zogam.com been showcased in Joomla Community Showcase Portal.

5 August 2012 - Team Interaction Outing at Hyde Park, Lamka

14 August 2012 - Presented Zomi Ka Hi Tshirt to Mary Kom (New Delhi)

23 August 2012 - Conducted Quiz to Win Tickets for Couple to A Nite with S. Chingnu

25 August 2012 - Presented 'Zomi of the Year 2012' memento to Mary Kom (Lamka)

31 August 2012 - Sponsored a song at "A nite with S.Chingnu" in aid of The Malsawm Initiative.

20 October 2012 - Songtal Tour

27 October 2012 - 10th Anniversary Sticker Released.

28 December 2012 - Donated to Tabitha Home.

30 December 2012 - Lamka Users Meet Held at Hyde Park, Lamka.

31 December 2012 - Supported New Year Eve 'Free Hot Coffee' organised by Ms. Grace Zamnu, MDC.


9 March 2013 - Decade of Zogam.com Celebrated at Synod  Hall, Lamka. Churachandpur DC - Jacintha Lazarus and SP - Mangkhogin Kipgen were special guests.

5 October 2013 - Zogam.com Android App launched. A first of its kind among the North East tribals.


3 January 2014 - Launch Zogam.com Person of the Year Award (ZOPA) 2013

8 March 2014 - CT Lian awarded ZOPA 2013.

9 March 2014 - 11 years of Zogam.com celebrated with Zaila Kumpinu - S. Chingnu at New Delhi.

22 August 2014 - Zogam.com Trademark has been registered. Zogam.com's logo, Brand name (Zogam.com) and Slogan (Bridging the Zomis) has been registered under Intellectual Property India, Controller General of Patents, Designs and TradeMarks, Government of India.

23 November 2014 - An intellectual meet - TEA WITH CT organized at JNU Student Union Office at JNU, New Delhi.


9 March 2015 - To commemorate the 12th Anniversary of Zogam.com, an online publication  - LAISIANGTHOU SUNGA THUMAL SUTKHELHTE ETKIKNA
Source: http://zogam.com/articles/publications/2987-laisiangthou-sunga-thumal-sutkhelhte-etkikna.html
by Pastor Khai Khan Pau, Bangalore has been released.

10 March 2015 - Released online the OST of Suan Ni Maw sung by the Zomi Idol Top3 winners - Chingngaihlian Guite, Lawmnakim Hrangate and Tracy Neihching Gangte. The song was made available for free download for our members.

28 April 2015 - For the first time Zogam.com received a legal notice due to a defamation post in the facebook group. The Imphal Police wanted the admin to provide information on the person who posted the alleged post.

2 July 2015 -Zogam.com took responsible media role to highlight Corporal Punishment which was met on a 3 years old Kindergarten kid at a particular school in Churachandpur. The kid was imprisoned inside a toilet by his class teacher on a daily basis and as a consequences made the kid mentally disturbed. When complaint by the parent, the School Authority took it lightly and tried to do away with the case. Only when Zogam.com intervened and highlighted in the media, the school authority realized their grave mistake and asked for forgiveness according to the tradition.

19 October 2015 - Zogam.com paid homage and tribute to the 9 tribal martyrs at Lamka. The condolence was led by columnist LT Ngaihte and ZOPA CT Lian. A gathering with the JPO was organised at the District Hospital compound. A sum of Rs 3000 was given to the JPO as condolence and later went to each individual Martyrs house. A belpi, rice bag and 2 kg of sugar were given each to the Martyrs. This was possible only with the contributions of the Zogam.com members. 

24 October 2015 -TV Talk Show on Discussion on Social Reformation vis-a-vis Political Aspiration was held at Hornbill Cable Network Studio at 6pm. The panelist were Pu LT Ngaihte, IFS, New York & Columnist Zogam.com, Pu Rev Pum Za Thang Tombing, Founder President GETS, Bangalore, Pu Mangcha Thangjom, Convenor JPO, Pu H Mangchinkhup, Chief Convenor JAC, Pu CT Lian Guite, MDC & Social Activist and ZOPA, Pu Dr Chinkholal Thangsing, CEO Touch of Hope Foundation. The Show was broadcasted live on Hornbill Cable Network and was streamlined Live on the internet for the rest of the world to view.

30 December 2015 -Zogam.com Honours the 9 Martyrs at Pumbuk, Hiangtam Lamka. The program was hosted by Zogam.com Personality of the Year (ZOPA) CT Lian and was telecast live on telivision by Hornbill Cable Network. Musical tribute were done by S Chingnu, Damhoihching, Muanlal Tunglut, Pauginmuan, Elson Samte, Minthang Guite, Lawmnakim Hrangte and Lianmuan. Encouragement speech was given by Zogam.com Writers Award winner Pu Tualchin Neihsial and activitist Pu Llian Suantak. More than 700 people gathered for tihs honour.


30th April 2016 - Contributed Rs 1000 to the Huihchiim Charity Musical Nyte - in aid of Calimity affected area of Saichang Areas of Henlep District.